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6.24.6 Mini-OOF2

Mini-OOF2 is very similar to Mini-OOF in many respects, but differs significantly in a few aspects. In particular, Mini-OOF2 has a current object variable, and uses the primitives >o and o> to manipulate that object stack. All method invocations and instance variable accesses refer to the current object.

>o ( c-addr – r:c-old ) new “to-o”

Set the current object to c_addr, the previous current object is pushed to the return stack

o> ( r:c-addr – ) new “o-restore”

Restore the previous current object from the return stack

To ease passing an object pointer to method invocation or instance variable accesses, the additional recognizer rec-moof2 is activated.

rec-moof2 ( addr u – xt translate-moof2 | notfound  ) mini-oof2 “rec-moof2”

Very simplistic dot-parser, transforms .selector/ivar to >o selector/ivar o>.