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5.24.5 Examining compiled code

And finally, see and friends show compiled code. Some of the things in the native code are not present in the compiled code (e.g., formatting and comments), but this is useful to see what threaded code or native code is produced by macros and Gforth’s optimization features.

see       "<spaces>name" –         tools       “see”

Locate name using the current search order. Display the definition of name. Since this is achieved by decompiling the definition, the formatting is mechanised and some source information (comments, interpreted sequences within definitions etc.) is lost.

xt-see       xt –         gforth       “xt-see”

Decompile the definition represented by xt.

simple-see       "name" –         gforth       “simple-see”

a simple decompiler that’s closer to dump than see.

simple-see-range       addr1 addr2 –         gforth       “simple-see-range”
see-code       "name" –         gforth       “see-code”

like simple-see, but also shows the dynamic native code for the inlined primitives (except for the last).

see-code-range       addr1 addr2 –         gforth       “see-code-range”